Sunday, March 17, 2013

Detroit in March 2013... #4

I will quickly cover the past 2 days in Detroit as I lost internet service about noon yesterday and did not get it back until late this afternoon.  It has been a couple of busy days so I'm up late and will tell the story with some photos.
Looked out an upstairs window yesterday morning to view this scene on the street below.
Another view from upstairs which overlooks the community garden.
This is the view out the front door.  The family car is straight ahead.  Good thing there were no plans to go anywhere.
Cozzie could not wait to get outside so breakfast was quick and out we went. 
Lots of people and pets came out to play.

This boy loves the outdoors, snow, construction vehicles, toys with wheels...
No mention of being cold but cheeks were getting rosy.
I was shoveling while he was "helping".
Taking a minute for Grandma Lee to get her photo.

Happy, healthy, handsome...  might be biased!
The Patriarch of the Farnsworth community comes through with his snow blower to clear both sides of the whole block!
We eventually go exploring on the block and stop to check on the pigpen.

We got the car cleared off in time to get to Messiah Church for the 10:45 AM service.  Beautiful old building with a congregation that actively is at work to make a difference in Detroit.
Just a peak at the sanctuary.

Recently shopped in Kerrville at a church which was hosting the ministry of Eternal Threads
This photo should have come first but I can't seem to make that happen.
Light weight, no damage to inside the house, ministry benefits women living in poverty.  This was made in India.
Back outside today to play in the snow.
Bush in the front yard thought it was spring...
Looks like pussy willows to me.

Plowing off the snow covered trampoline...
Getting to ride on top of the firewood being moved from the backyard to the front door.
Talked to Cozzie's Papa and learned that the concerts went well in Singapore.  They have most of Monday to site see a little and start the 22 hour trip home about 3am Tuesday in Singapore.  We'll see them Tuesday evening.  I'm so grateful that we all are faring well.  That is something for which I thank God.  Cozzie prays for his parents each time he goes to bed and wants me to pray for them also.  He also mentions friends on the block.  He's making a difference in Detroit also.

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Marge B. said...

La Crosse is receiving snow here too. It was coming down quite heavily on my walk this morning with Zeva. Now it appears to have stopped for the moment.
I'm off today & tommorow, nursing a cold & grateful to be inside with no particular plans than to cozy up by the fire (no mine is automatic & starts w/ a switch on) and read a book.
Glad to hear the concerts went well. Will pray for safe travel.
Received your card & enclosed money. Thanks.