Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Detroit in March 2013... #6

As I begin this post, my son and daughter-in-law are in the air and will arrive in Detroit in about 2.5 hours.  We are spending our day as usual with books, food, playing outdoors and a nap.  Some photos from outside will give a glimpse of that time.  It's 26 degrees here today and seems colder because it's windy.  But enough bundling of clothes makes the outside time just dandy.

Our "drive" up the block found friend Finn playing outside with his Dad.
Finn was offered a chance to drive the car and he sat in the car for awhile.

Finn's Dad is getting him into their family vehicle which he will ride to the market with young sprouts to sell.
Finn's family has a produce business which they maintain year round.  Summer is more bountiful because of a large garden nearby.

A neighbor's roller is fun for awhile.
This early growth of daffodils and tulips show promise of spring being on its way.

Certainly the kitty wants to be petted at a neighbor's house.  Actually the kitty was trying to escape I think.
So we will soon head to the airport to pick up Mama and Papa.  Who will be more excited to be reunited - Cozzie with parents or parents with Cozzie?

If I get some photos of the reunion, I'll add a few later.

Parents are home.  All is well in Detroit.  
So happy to see Papa and Mama through the car window...
Telling stories...

At home and wanting to be close...
Papa gives tickly hugs and kisses...
Very Happy family...
 Thank you, Lord, for answering many prayers for safety, health, travel mercies and sweet reunion.  I am blessed and it's all from you, Amen.

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Marge B. said...

I love the picture of exuberance you captured on Cozzie's face, while seated in the van. Papa & Mama must be in view....and what a heart warming welcome for them.
Separations can be very anxiety provoking, but when such a fun-loving Grandma is left 'in charge', it's smooth sailing for everyone. Can't remember how long you're staying on there. I'm sure you'll miss your little charge, as well as J&S, but warmer, Texas weather must beckon.
Trust you have a smooth-safe flight home.
Thanks for sharing your 'Spring Break with Cozzie'.
Love, Marge