Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Man's Parkinson's Journey - Day 2...

Trinity Baptist Church, Kerrville, TX
Yesterday's post concluded with a report that there would be a special time of "prayers for healing" for my husband during the usual Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer time at our church last evening.  

Here is a report about that service.  

Pastor Wheat led the group in sharing the needs of a number of people in our congregation or connected to our congregation.  Folks in attendance were gathered around tables.  After those needs were made known, the Pastor invited folks to share in silent prayers for the needs we felt led to take to the Lord in petition.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Man's Parkinson's Journey...

March 2013 photo - age 70 & still looking youthful
My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 15 months ago.  Upon the recommendation of our local Doctor and others, he decided to see a renowned Parkinson's Doctor at Baylor Medical Center in Houston, TX. for a second opinion.

Dr. Joseph Jankovic confirmed the diagnosis and presented the opportunity to voluntarily join a Michael J. Fox funded PPMI -  study (Parkinsons Progression Markers Initiative).  John joined that study at Baylor Medical Center in Houston, TX  which is for people newly diagnosed with the disease, in an early stage - he was considered stage 1 - 1.5 of 5 stages - and not on Parkinson's medication.  For more info about John's thoughts as he started this journey a year ago, read a blog posted at that time.

We have traveled to Houston on a number of occasions in the past year for John to be tested, observed and evaluated.