Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Highlights...

At JSBC with Lena...
Miss Sonia was sitting right behind me...
We returned to Jesus Savior Baptist Church today where Lena and Maria R, 2 girls we sponsor, joined us and the translators.  

As I sat down, I heard a voice saying, "Linda, Linda!"  I turned around and saw Miss Sonia.  I had met her on my first trip to Moldova and have seen her most years since 2005.  It was a nice reunion today.

Young People's choir leading the singing...
Gary Bunning picked up a guitar and shared a beautiful song.

As usual, it was a wonderful service with a Pastor from Boston giving the sermon.  So we didn't need translation for that as he had a translator putting his words into Romanian.  That Pastor was in the country with his wife as the speakers for a young couple's retreat.

Baby dedication...
Kneeling for prayer...
Not a peep out of this sweet baby girl...
Lilia, the Team House cook, was at JSBC today.  Have missed her cooking but happy to connect briefly this morning.  We've had great meals at Victor's as well.
With Maria R and Lena beside JSBC...
The Ellises with Cristina and Lilia...
Then off to LaPlacinte for lunch - traditional food.  I had Borscht and it was tasty.  

I had a very significant conversation with Maria R.  She told the translator and me that she was crying at the end of the service when the Pastor explained the plan of salvation and asked people to come forward for prayer.  Maria had not found us before the service so she was sitting in the balcony instead of with us.  She said that she always felt that way at that church but her mother won't allow her to change churches - a common Orthodox situation.  Her comments were an opening for me to share some of my repentance story and answer some of her questions.  She has a Bible and reads it and prays she says.  She is also regularly attending the CERI Bible Studies for young people in the Transitional Care program.  She has not yet repented herself but says she will continue to attend JSBC after she moves back into a dorm at her technical high school.  She is training to be a butcher / sausage maker.  She has completed one year in the 3 year program.

We were all crying as our time with Lena concluded...
Lena had a babysitting job at 2pm so had to leave when she finished eating.  Saying Good-bye to her was difficult.  Her mother is deceased and her father only recently has been a part of her life.  She is special to us.

Elena, my translator and a full time CERIemployee.
Following lunch we returned to the Outdoor Art Market for a souvenir.  I spent some time with a CERI employee to make payments for things that were purchased here.  

Back to Victor's House where we stay.  All but the Ellises and the Sr. Wordens changed into casual clothes for an outing with translators and some older teen orphanage graduates to a bowling alley, food court supper and a movie in Russian.  

The Ellises and Wordens tackled the packing process.  We think we've got it conquered so hopefully check in will go smoothly.

Supper will be served shortly.  Already smells delicious.

Alarm clocks set for 3:30 am - departure at 4.  Flight at 6:30 AM.  Air Moldova to Frankurt then on the Atlanta and finally San Antonio by evening tomorrow.

Will add more photos from today.

Love this first born son of mine...
Getting to meet Maria R has been a hightlight of our time here. 
Galina, Elena and Martine - our Moldovan superstars.
Martine was such a huge help with her amazing love for children and her leadership skills - great godly woman.
So our week is drawing to a close.  We've been so warmly welcomed and supported as we've been here.  It has truly been a hugely meaningful experience to see how God is working here and to get in on a small piece of that work.

With hearts full of joy we will head to the airport early tomorrow morning.  

Prayers have sustained us with health and energy and a voice for what we've done here.  Thanks so much.  Now pray for safety in travel.

Ephesians 3:20-21

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

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Marge B. said...

Thank-you for your diligence in sharing each day of your week....including us at home, as a distant part of the Team.

Again I enjoyed the pictures in your narration. Love the one of Linda & son, John. I wondered at first why John would be making the 'bunny ears' above Linda's head......and then realized it was Stephen's contribution, as I saw him peaking out from behind!

Yes, I'm praying for good rest tonight & traveling safety.

Thanking God for answered prayer & His continued work.