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14. Heading to the Continental Divide...July 1964...

My mother's birthday letter also shared about another exciting outing with George and Joyce Bennett.  I'll save that news for next blog. 
Picking up from where we ended in the last post...
My letter of July 21, 1964 included this...
Last Sunday I didn't go to work until 4:30 & Kak didn't work at all so George and Joyce Bennett (we've mentioned them before as you probably remember.  They're from the Baptist Church here & are the most wonderful Christian couple I have ever met.  They have been so good to us in every way.  They've been married 18 yrs but have no children of their own but really do love young people.  They would do just practically anything for us.  They were the one's who invited us out the first Sun. we were here for dinner & then took us to Bear Lake.  Joyce has written you a letter which you'll probably get today if you didn't get it yesterday.  I hope you read my letter first though. 
Well anyway - back to my original sentence) packed a luscious picnic lunch for us & after early church & S.S. (Sunday School) we took off for Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park and a trip up Trail Ridge Road to the Continental Divide.  We stopped along the way & had our picnic right out on the grass at the feet of some beautiful Mt's in a nice secluded, quiet place.  It sure was fun & the food was tops - chicken, bread, fruit, potato salad, fritoes, punch, cookies etc!  Then we were off again for the Divide.  The Trail is absolutely magnificent.  We could hardly believe anything could be so beautiful as the Mtn's are here.  It was almost breathtaking.  We were wishing all the while that you could have been with us.  We got to the Divide & saw where the water started flowing East & West.  We even took a drink of the water where it started
Linda, Joyce and Kathy...
flowing East.  We had our pictures taken several times so will send home copies as soon as possible.  We got above timberline many times & saw all the beautiful Mt. tundra which grows about 6" high all over where there aren't any trees.  The highest we got was over 12,110 ft.  Pretty high huh?  We stopped several times on the way back, fed ground squirrels etc, peanuts & even had a snow ball fight as there are still patches of snow on the Mt's...  George & Joyce are a lot of fun & like to joke alot so we really enjoyed ourselves.  We have serious moments though & one of these moments came when we were wishing you & Dad could be with us esp. & Joyce suggested why couldn't you come out the first week in Sept. & plan to stay thru labor Day so you could bring us back with you.  I know you could both have a marvelous time here & you could stay in a trailer house which George & Joyce have on their place.  Now we want you to really think seriously about this.  You both need a vacation & we know you would love this.  I know there are problems involved such as chores etc. but pray about this & I'm confident that if it's the Lord's will you should come out here, He'll make a way.  There's probably another problem involved; money - but Kak & I would like to pay for your vacation with the money we had planned to use to come home for Jim's wedding.  We can't think of any better place for it & we are really serious so think about it & pray about it & so will we.   
I have to be at work in about 1/2 hr.  Have a real Happy Birthday Mom!  Hope you got your present.  Love, Lee

Joyce Bennett did write to our parents.  I will share her letter in my next post.

What a wonderful couple the Lord led us to in order that we had much needed and appreciated kindness, love and support.  George and Joyce provided godly, personal connection with warmth and fun which endeared us to them for our whole lives.  I cannot adequately express how much their care meant to me.  What a sweet blessing from God.

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Linda Worden said...

An email message from Joyce blesses me with the following note:
"Such precious memories you are conjuring up for me!"