Thursday, November 7, 2013

15. Letter of Commendation & Invitation...July 1964...

Joyce Bennett had become a dear friend to my sister and me.  She decided to write to our parents and today I'll share that letter.                                                                                              July 20, 1964
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Groves,
Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are two people who have fallen in love with your two daughters, Kathy and Linda.  Our names are George and Joyce Bennett.
The Lord has privileged us to know many young people in the past but none have impressed us more favorably than your daughters.  I have never written a parent before this to tell them how fine is their child.
Truly it is easily evident that Linda and Kathy came from a happy, loving, Christ honoring home life.  Thank you for rearing such precious offspring.  Perhaps you think it strange that I should say, "thank you," but if you only knew the caliber of the majority of youth who work here in the summer you would understand why we are grateful to you for two girls such as Kathy and Linda.  Most parents have just cause for being concerned about what their children are doing here in the summer but you have no need to "get one gray hair" because of the conduct of your daughters!  In other words they're "the greatest"!
Now, for over a week I have thought of writing to you the foregoing - so you would have received that even if I had not decided to write the following.
Feeding birds beside Trail Ridge Road

Sunday Linda and Kathy went with us on a picnic and across Trail Ridge road.  They will write you about that I'm sure.  They exclaimed how MUCH they'd like you two to see what they were seeing so one thing led to another and we asked them to ask you to come out and stay in the trailer for a week. 

Feeding a Golden Marmot along the way to the Continental Divide...
Mom and Dad in Fountain City, WI - ready to leave for Estes Park, CO in Sept. 1964

I decided I'd best write, too, to confirm the fact that we want you very much!  It will be special to get to meet the parents of "our
special girls."
Please do come if you can. 
In Jesus,
George & Joyce

Mom and Dad would come to get me as I would stay through Labor Day.  Kathy got a ride back earlier in order to prepare for her freshman year of college.

Joyce mentions " the caliber of the majority of youth who work here in the summer" and I will become more familiar with her assessment soon.  Another letter home in my next post...


Linda Worden said...

Joyce gets up early apparently, read this and sent me this email:

Marge B. said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture of Dad & Mom! I believe it's taken in front of Conrad's Store, which had a 'Soda Fountain' in it. I've seen this picture before, but not for a long time. Dad would have been almost 51 & mom was 45. Wow! I'm so glad to hear they were able to make the trip out to Estes Park.

Loving your reflective 'story'!
Love, Marge