Monday, November 18, 2013

22. My Summer in Estes Park Draws Near to a Close... August 1964

My next letter home would be written a few days later...

           Dear Folks,                                                      Aug. 26, 1964
Today is my day off from Crowley's & I don't go to work at Ranchouse til 3:30 so I'll try to write you a note & let you know I'm still alive...
Actually when I think about it, I don't really have much news to tell you because I never do much except sleep & work.  Work is still going O.K. but the routine is really getting to be quite a drag.  Just this week though, we've noticed that business is slacking off.  I guess the season is really finally coming to a close & as far as I'm concerned, that's great with me.  Lots of kids are quitting jobs now & going home.  Ranchouse is really short of waitresses.  In fact I don't see how they'll be able to stay open til Labor Day because we have 4 waitresses now & after the 1st we'll have 3.  There are supposed to be at least 7 waitresses working to run the place so you can imagine the pressure & conditions we're working under.  I'm sure glad there's less than 2 wks left.  I couldn't stand it any longer I know.  Kathy helped out Sat. nite & Sun. at Ranchouse which sure was great!  She did O.K. in tips too.
Has anybody told you yet that Joyce Bennett was in a car accident last week?  I guess it was her fault as she ran into the rear end of a car she was following.  The car slowed down to make a left turn & she wasn't paying much attention & consequently rammed into his rear. She was driving someone else's car to make matters worse.  She had several ribs cracked I think & her ribs were torn from their lining so she was & still is pretty sick & sore.
It's getting to be winter in the Rockies now.  Nights really get cool & it's been snowing some up high in the Mt's.  So be sure to bring warm clothing for nights when you come.  I'm really anxious to see you as it seems like ages since I've been home.
I sent in $150.00 ($150.00 in 1964 had the same buying power as $1,114.57 in 2013.)  to the U (UW - Madison) for registration so I'm about set for school as far as registration is concerned.
Don't have too much more news now so I guess I'll close & get ready for work.
See you soon!        Love, Lee
There will be one more letter from Estes Park in 1964 which I'll share in my next post.

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