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23. Last Letter Home from Estes Park, CO...August 29, 1964

In this post, I will share the last letter I wrote to my parents in late August of 1964.  My summer had seemed very long but it was coming to an end with much for which I was thankful.  This letter shares the mundane facts as my summer draws to a close.  My parents will soon be on their way to pick me up and I await their arrival with joyful anticipation.
Dear Folks,                                            Aug. 29, 1964
Business is really slowing down out here.  It's so slow that we don't have anything to do except sit so I'll take this time & write you a note.  Sure hope it gets there before you leave but I'm sure it should.  I'm still real excited about your coming out here.  I probably won't have much time off as I work from 5:45 am at Crowley's to 2 pm and then work at Ranchouse from 3:30 to closing which is between 9:30 & 10:15.  It's sorta rough but I'm making it & feel pretty well & rested. 
I'd like to have you plan to come & pick me up at Ranchouse on Sat. nite & plan to eat there.  I'll get off work when you get there & eat with you at that time.  We probably won't be very busy so you should be there anytime between 7:30 and 8:30.  I'm quite positive I could get off & eat with you. 
It's been snowing out here in the mtn's quite abit.  In fact they've had to close Trail Ridge Road once or twice for a few hrs at a time in order to get the roads plowed.  Days and nights are really pretty cool.
Joyce Bennett is getting better now.  I guess she even plans to go back to work as a dental assistant.  She hasn't worked for the past few yrs.  If she starts again, I guess she'll begin Monday.
                                                           Sun. Aug. 30
Didn't quite get this finished yesterday so I'll close it now.  Business is really getting slow.  It's 7:05 am & so far we've only had 2 tables of people.  Last week at this time we were practically packed.  This is fine with me though because I'm getting rather sick of people.  We were quite busy tho' last nite at Ranchouse but I understand this week will be practically nothing.
Well, I probably should get up & find something to do.  See you in less than a week.  If you want to call Bennett's when you get to Estes, their phone no. is 3716...
                                                       Love, Lee
My parents did arrive.  We ate together at Ranchouse restaurant on Sat. September 5th.  After I completed my shift, they dropped me off at Webb Cottage and drove to Bennett's home where they would stay until the three of us would begin our drive back to WI which would start on Tuesday morning.  I would work my usual schedule on Sunday and Labor Day Monday.  Mom and Dad would site-see in the mountains, attend church with the Bennetts and enjoy their days of vacation. 

I really have no memories of our 1,200 mile drive from CO to WI.  I can only speculate that I was so exhausted at that point that I slept nearly the whole way.  Somehow we arrived there safely.

I have done some further search of letters I've saved for nearly a half century.  I found several letters which I had written to a good friend of mine during that summer.  Those letters clarify a few things which I hadn't written in the letters to my parents.  Those added details will be shared in my next post.

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