Monday, June 29, 2015

Kiev Visit Day One...

Good-bye Chisinau, Moldora...  for now.
Today started at 4:45am in Moldova and is very shortly going to conclude in Ukraine.  We got to the airport about 5:15am, checked in and had time for coffee and a croissant before boarding our plane.  We arrived in Kiev about 8:25, got our bags, found a taxi and were taken to the apartment building which is the home of a couple riwhom our son worked when he spent nearly 2 years as a missionary assistant in Moscow with the Evangelical Free Church Mission.  That couple is in the US but have graciously allowed us to stay in their apartment.  We were greeted by a colleague of theirs who helped us get oriented.

First view of Ukraine...
We settled in a bit but decided naps were needed.  Following naps we walked to the very close grocery store to get supplies for breakfasts and a few lunches.

It was 5pm when we headed off to find the Metro and go to the city center where we strolled up and down some of the favorite streets.  Fun to see the people and the area with many places to shop or eat or tour.

We ate our supper before we returned to the apt.  Now I'll add some photos and then get some sleep.  Lots of things we're hoping to see and do in the next several days.
Started our touring with help to get up a pretty steep hill...

If I knew the names of the sites we visited, I would add them.  Perhaps I can do that later.  First impression is that Kiev is quite clean and has many beautiful places and buildings.  Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow.

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