Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday... St. Cyril's, Georgian Restaurant & The Botanical Gardens...

One of the things our son wanted most to see in Kiev was St. Cyril's church where he had learned that there were paintings that had been done by his favorite Russian artist, M.Vrubel.  That was our first stop today and he says it was so worth getting there to see this artist's work in 4 icons and other fresco paintings done in 1884-85.  The church was built in the 1100's and has had significant damage over the years but has been in a restoration phase for the past nearly 100 years.  It is in quite excellent condition now as a museum rather than an active church.  It has been necessary for us girls to cover our heads as we have gone into the Orthodox Churches here.  We used our own scarves for that purpose.

No photos were allowed inside this church so we only have our memory of this art which our son feels was well worth the subway, bus and walk to get to.  This artist is not well known outside of Russia and Ukraine but he was indeed, a gifted, excellent painter.
Note the most famous M. Vrubel in the center of this entrance board.
Took this photo through the protective covering of this board.

Following St. Cyril's, we headed off to find a restaurant that served Georgian food.  That was the second thing son James wanted while in Kiev.  We found the restaurant and were served some really delicious food - mostly things I'd never before eaten.  I did order Borsch which was familiar to me. 
You do not see pizza.  This is bread with melted cheese inside.  It is very delicious.

The last thing we fit in for our visit to Kiev was a trip to and walk around in the Botanical Gardens.  Parts of this garden are still well maintained but other parts are being neglected.  It was a beautiful day with temps in the 70's, some occasional sprinkles but mostly a great last day in Kiev.

My favorite travel companion...  

Church in the Botanical Gardens.  Service was in progress so we stood with the others who were there and listened to the liturgy being spoken and sung by the Priests.
While inside the church, we heard bells ring but we were not outside to see it happening.
View of the city from a high point in the Gardens.

Bumble bees were buzzing all over this beautiful heather.

A taxi will pick us up in 7 hours at 3:15 AM.  Should take 30 minutes to get to the airport.  We're about packed.  Should be back in San Antonio by 11:30 PM Friday - 28 hrs of travel - then an hour's drive to Kerrville.  Will send an update when I wake up on Saturday in TX.  So thankful for this safe, significant and memorable trip.  Really appreciate all prayerful support.

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Marge said...

Again.....more beautiful pictures, enabling me to share in your trip. I'm so glad for this very special family time you've had together.

Love the sweet picture of you & John on the 'heart' bench. That looks like a Christmas letter/card picture! :-)

Praying for your safe return home, with some sleep possible along the way.

Love, Marge