Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Be a Storyteller for God"...

I am being challenged this fall through the pages of an EXPERIENCING GOD workbook as I respond to author Henry Blackaby's commentary, questions and video teaching.  During the week I write out answers to questions, memorize scripture and then participate with a group of people at my church each Sunday evening for discussion.  This study is requiring me to consider how I can more obediently be involved with God in His work in this world.

I'm about at the half-way point in this study,  We are now getting more specifically into the possibility that I may be facing "major adjustments in order to join God in what He is doing" and to His invitation for me to work with Him in some way that I have been neglecting or not open to.

With this post I want to share an experience I had last week as I did my daily lesson.  The following were words that led to some personally thought provoking questions requiring my response.
"...When God calls a person to join Him in a God-sized task, faith is always required. Obedience indicates faith in God.  Disobedience often indicates a lack of faith. Without faith, a person cannot please God...  When God speaks, what He asks of us requires faith.  Our major problem, however, is our self-centeredness.  We think we have to accomplish the assignment on our own power and with our current resources.  We think, 'I can't do that.  That is not possible'." 
We forget that when God speaks He always reveals what He is going to do - not what He wants us to do for Him.  We join Him so He can do His work through us.  We don't have to be able to accomplish the task within our limited ability or resources.  With faith, we can proceed confidently to obey Him; because we know that He is going to bring to pass what He purposes.  Jesus indicated that what is impossible with man is possible with God.  Mark 10:27" 
Following these paragraphs and examples from scripture of Biblical characters who exhibited faith with the result being God-sized results - Moses crossing the Red Sea, Joshua crossing the Jordan River, Jesus feeding the 5,000 etc. etc. - the personal questions were facing me.
"What do you know God is wanting you to do that you are not doing?"
It was easy for me to answer this question but responding may be my challenge.  Here is what I wrote to answer that question:
"Writing blog stories"
The next question was:
"Why do you think you are hesitating?" 
My response was:
"lacking confidence"
  1. Now why would I write that?  
  2. Why would I even think that?  
  3. What is the reason that I can be 70 years old and still tripped up by feelings of low self-esteem or as I see from this lesson, 
  4. lack of faith? 
So I spent some time admitting to God my lack of faith and trust even when I have had a number of dear friends and family members encourage me when I have written something.  And when I have shared in conversation with individuals, I often hear from them, "You should write that down..."  And even more humbling is to know that when I get an assignment from God, "I join Him so He can do His work through me."  He provides the ability and resources.  With faith, we can proceed confidently to obey Him; because we know that He is going to bring to pass what He purposes.

As I concluded my lesson that day, I felt very encouraged and hopeful.  I felt renewed energy and resolve to begin exercising greater discipline in my blog writing.

And then this happened:

I decided to check Facebook and this is the very first thing I saw which was being shared by a friend:
"When God is doing something amazing in or through you, it's not just for your's also for others. Be a storyteller for God."
I was amazed!!!  I felt that God had just underscored my assignment from Him and gave it to me in a message I could not deny.  I love Him so much.  May my faith continue to grow and my words be His in order for His work to get done in this world through my God-sized assignment from Him.  

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Sarah Worden said...

This is so neat that your lesson was reinforced by Facebook of all things! Your writing is so beautiful! Love you and encouragement and prayers to you.