Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Center for Disabilities, Shopping Excursion...Day 6

Another day with quite a bit of variety.
  1. Drive to Chisinau Center for Children With Disabilities.
  2. Finding a group of Clowns from Italy already at the Center and engaging with the children.
  3. Part of team painting fence murals.
  4. Minister of Public Communication and Administrative Assistant from the United States Embassy at the Center to observe, interview and learn about CERI/Moldova.
  5. Activities with disabled children and Italian group.
  6. Outdoor Market shopping excursion with sponsored children to select and purchase $50.00 worth of items.
  7. Visit with gal we formerly sponsored and meeting her 9 month old baby girl.
Olga is so patient and caring with small boys of Center.

Olga picks up a brush and helps with the painting.

Abby is the fence artist ...
Dearing and Public Information  Officer...
Dearing introduces a gal he sponsors to the Ambassador & Irina translates...




 After game activities and singing, it was on to the Bible Story with involvement of different ages.

 Comments by Dearing have a fun update to his facial features!
What a great sport he is.
Joanna fits in with help and friendship each day.  Very thankful she joined the team this summer.
Progress made on the murals all morning....

Then off to Jesus Savior Church for box lunches, worship and a rest stop before heading out for a shopping excursion.

Alex is joined by young voices having an opportunity to lead singing during worship.
Parascovia has a lovely voice and shyness is fading.
Our 2 girls decide to use their $50.00 for 2 pair of shoes and some socks.
They select larger than needed now in order to allow for rapidly growing feet.

Not sure if Olga is "expressing" displeasure with the frequent photos or with the stress of the market.
 And following an ice cream treat for the children, Sarah and I plus Gary and Alissa Bunning headed to a nearby restaurant to meet Maria and 9 month old Amelia.  Maria is one of the girls we have sponsored over the years.  She is growing into a lovely young wife and mother and it was fun to connect while we are here.

I really enjoyed the squirmy smiles and giggles.
Parascovia is the new CERI beneficiary that we sponsor.  It is wonderful to be spending some quality time with her and her younger sister this week.  She has been opening up more and more each day.  She seems to be a sweet girl with a soft, pretty singing voice. 

Temperature this morning was very cool so a hoodie felt good.

We continue to have good health, delicious meals at the team house and sweet fellowship as a team.

Romans 10: 14
How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

Thanks for prayers for our team that we will be faithful voices as we share God's love and His story.

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Margelyn Berndt said...

Again, wonderful pictures telling of your day! You are building trust & friendships with these beautiful children, as well as with your team.

Loved the pictures with Maria & sweet little Amelia! Baby Amelia looks like a 'Baby Chef', with her white hat! :-) Must be very encouraging to see how well your sponsored-child matured!

Prayers continue,