Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Final Flights to TX and Home...Day 9

The trip has come to Moldova has come to an end.  All went smoothly with the long flight from Paris to Houston, TX.  I watched one movie: THE KING'S SPEECH and really enjoyed it.

Most of the time I read a book I've had on my shelf for quite some time.  It is BOLD AS A LAMB by Ken Anderson.  It is the true story of Pastor Samuel Lamb and the underground church of China.  I am incredibly challenged by the life of this man who was imprisoned more than once because of his commitment to the Lord - one time for 20 years of hard labor.  The only Bible he had during his imprisonments was the scripture he had memorized.  He had memorized most of the New Testament plus Psalms and other portions of the Old Testament.  I cannot say I have any where near that much scripture memorized.

We arrived in Houston on Sunday and were able to get to the hotel where our car was parked and found everything just fine with that.  Joanna was with Sarah and me.  She was booked for a flight from Houston to Orlando, FL early Monday morning.  We booked a room at a hotel near Hobby airport and drove across Houston to check in for the night.

We contacted my niece, Kristelle and her family who live in Houston.  They came to meet us at a restaurant for supper.  (I am sorry my camera takes out of focus photos inside.)

We had a great visit though we were close to falling asleep after traveling so far that day.

Out of focus but you can get a hint of our group.
The next morning, I accompanied granddaughter Joanna to her flight out of Hobby.  She was on her way to meet a friend and her family and attend a Leadership camp for high school students in Orlando, FL.  She did arrive there safely.  After she left, Sarah and I packed our bags and headed for Kerrville - a 4+ hour drive.  It's very good to be home and reunited with my honey.

I am very grateful that God allowed me to have another safe and meaningful trip to Moldova.  CERI is doing wonderful work there and the children and families they serve are being blessed and guided well.  It was a very special week to get to know the girl we now sponsor.

How wonderful to know that God is with her as she grows and learns more about being in relationship with Him.

Thank you for prayers as our team traveled and served.  We felt God's presence and knew His provision.  We are grateful.

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