Saturday, June 10, 2017

Travel From Houston to Paris to Bucharest...Day 2

We left Houston about 4:00pm on Friday, June 9, 2017 with the 3 Worden girls seated together.  Ahead of us stretched 9-10 hours in the air.  We were comfortable with a screen in front of each of us and plenty of things we brought with us to occupy our time.  Supper was served not long after take-off and that added to our comfort.  I watched a movie, read a World magazine, read my Bible and started writing what would become my first blog post for the trip.  It was not difficult to enjoy the travel time.  Though the plane got dark and was quiet, I did not do much sleeping and neither did my travel buddies.  
First stop for Emelia was this pastry shop.
About 8:00am Paris time, we arrived there - that was 2am for the TX gals and 3am for the VA girl.  As we arrived, we were soon meeting and connecting with more members of our team.  Our gathering time provided opportunity for introductions and afforded Dearing Garner a place to share plans for the week and to answer questions. 
  When all together, we will be a team of 13.  Meeting in Paris we were a group of 11.  We had a couple hours in Paris and then it was off for a 3 hour flight to Bucharest, Romania.
View of Paris...

Another view...  Joanna and I saw the Eiffel Tower but I think I missed snapping a photo with it in it.
 I slept most of the 3 hour flight to Bucharest.  But soon we were arriving at about 2pm.  Our flight to Chisinau, Moldova would not board until 9pm so Dearing had arranged for us to be picked up for a city tour.  I took quite a few pictures of this charming city which I'll add to this post but narrative will be limited.  We have arrived in Chisinau but all of us need sleep.  I am settled into a room by myself next to the other Worden girls so I'm not keeping them awake as I write.  I will wrap this up, get some sleep and enjoy Sunday in Moldova tomorrow.

City Square where most of the revolutionary happenings took place in the late 80's.

We learned so much about Romanian history from our guide who works for the Ruth Project - more about that another time.

The girl with the hat walked up when she heard English being spoken.  She is from Ukraine and so is the girl in the solid bright pink.  Masha's first home was in Ukraine so the 2 gals began to visit and a friend was made.

These statues have great significance for the revolutionary past of Romania...

Light lunch spot before heading back to the airport...
A librarian spies a library/bookstore and...
has to have a closer look.

City Palace...

So much more could be shared about this day but it is already very late in Chisinau so I better leave you with these reflections in word and picture.

Our team is now complete and we'll be busy tomorrow preparing for the week we will have here.

Thanks for prayers for travel safety.  We have been blessed abundantly already.

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