Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Worship, Bowling, Hincesti Shelter, Manuc Bey Manor...Day 5

Today started with our team sharing our worship time at Jesus Savior Baptist Church.  There are about 40 of us with the team, translators and the CERI sponsored children that are spending the week together. Each day we have a worship time with Gary Bunning sharing Bible teaching.   We had a sweet time of singing, message and prayer time again today.

Alex is a great song leader.
Yesterday, Monday, was quite a long, busy day - especially for the young CERI children we have traveling with us.  Dearing feared we were taxing them physically and not providing enough "fun" so he adjusted the schedule for today and added in a trip to Malldova Bowling Lanes.  The experience was a first for most of these children.  They were cautious and reluctant at first but with the competent, caring, loving coaching of Joanna Worden, fears turned into a highlight of the week for our team.  Pictures will help tell that story below.

 We arrived at the Mall, got our shoes and signed in as a team.  We were 3 Worden gals, a translator and 3 children.  When our scoreboard came up populated with all our names, we were ready to begin bowling.
First up was Marcela - about 8 years old attempting something brand new.
With arms crossed and tears flowing, Marcela is NOT going to bowl!!! 
Building confidence with coach Joanna...

She attempts to refuse the challenge as team members surround her with encouragement.  At this point, Joanna Worden steps in with an offer to "teach" her how to play.  Marcela accepts the offer and walks to the line of balls with Joanna to make her choice.  Joanna picks a ball for her and leads her to the lane. With both girls holding the ball, Joanna shows her how to heave it toward the pins.  With those first 2 rolls, Marcela scores a "spare".  What a start for a first timer.

 The next 2 bowlers were 2 more
Coach Joanna and Parascovia...
 first timers.  They, too, were provided with the coaching expertise of Joanna.  Joanna is there through the first 3 rounds and then the girls are ready to "solo".  Before the game ends, Marcela is encouraging and "coaching" others herself.  And can you believe this?  She has the top score as the game ends. (Though we had to leave our game before Joanna's final spare was posted.)
Coach Joanna and Olga...

More competent help...
Olga stands amazed as Joanna takes her turn.
 Joanna gets after it as she steps to the line of our lane.  What an  athletic girl.  Her throw of the ball was an example of power and confidence.  VERY thankful to have her here with the team.

Friends from the same shelter enjoying this new experience.
Such happy girls and so active I couldn't get a good photo.

A godly "hero" for 2 little girls...
Started with tears; ended with delight.

Name spelled wrong but the girl rolled the ball at 6.91 mph!!!
After the game ended, it was lunch time.  Our "homemade" sandwiches were allowed in to the food court and we bought drinks and ate there.

Parascovia, Linda and Olga
Then it was off to the Hindcesti Shelter for interaction with the children living there.  Six of the CERI children live there including the girl I sponsor and her younger sister.

Sarah and Olga
We toured the lovely facility and then walked a short distance to a city park where we shared our activities and Bible story.  It was a sweet time in a beautiful place.

Bible story time...

Bracelets and an explanation from Dearing...

After our CERI programs concluded, the shelter staff told us the children had prepared a program for us which they would share on the park open theater stage.
Reciting long poems passages...

And before we leave, Masha is again given royal attention and treatment - she loves it!!!

 Following our time with the Hincesti folks, we stopped at Manuc Bey Manor and had an informative and delightful tour.  Manuc Bey was a very well respected resident of Hincesti, Moldova in the early 19th Century.  He built a castle and a mansion in Hincesti.  His son expanded his estate which was tragically burned in 1941.  The community of Hincesti is restoring the mansion which opened to the public 3 years ago.  We had a very knowledgeable tour guide.

The Castle used as a museum with many family items.  It was a hunting house.



Entrance to underground passages leading between buildings on the estate...

Doorway to underground passages...

View from balcony...

Our team was divided into 2 groups today.  The other group gave a fence at a handicapped home a base coat in preparation for final painting tomorrow.  They also had a delightful afternoon.

We are thankful for many things - great weather, CERI children opening up and engaging with team mentors and opportunities to share our lives and God's love and story of salvation with them.

God is at work and prayers are being answered.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  
Another perfect rose to brighten our day.

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Margelyn Berndt said...

You certainly pack in a lot to your day! Great way to begin your day in worship together. Sounds as though your team is really gelling & God is using your gifts & strengths in reaching out! So fun to see the changed expressions of frightened-reluctant children, to happy-engaged enthusiasm!

Prayers continue,