Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1st Day in Nice, France...

I didn't get the blog updated last night and am just getting to it for today.  We are in Nice, France and getting settled since we will be here until Ap. 11 or 12th.  We are in a Suite at the Hipark Hotel. 

The laundromat was welcome but somebody really wanted to be somewhere else.
1st trip to the playground...
After breakfast everybody started collecting dirty clothes which was practically everything each of us had in our suitcases.  We all headed out to find a laundromat and a place to buy detergent.  We are across the street from an indoor mall that has lots of stores including a Wal-mart type place with everything but also with lots of people and everything having to be figured out.  James found detergent and then we all helped Shara get set up in a laundromat - first had to figure out how to use the machines, where to put the money, etc.  5 or 6 machines were filled including one jumbo sized.  James and I were supposed to do the grocery shopping but we decided Cozzie really needed a nap and wouldn't do well in the store.  We took him to a nearby playground for about half hour and then home to bed.  While he slept, James did some computer work.  I did some reading.  But then I went to the laundromat to help Shara finish folding and helped her get back to the hotel with all the clean laundry.  On our way we purchased 3 sandwiches for our lunch at a little shop.

2nd trip to the playground...
As soon as we got back, we had lunch and before we finished, Cozzie's nap was over.  He ate a little.  Then Shara decided to do the grocery shopping, I took Cozzie to the playground and James did some more necessary work. 

James came to the park and Cozzie and I joined him on a hike around the old part of town which took us all the way to the water - the Mediterranean Sea - The French Riviera I guess.  The seashore is pebbles - rocks - not sand.  So Cozzie had a blast throwing rocks into the water.  The day has been a little cool but nice and sunny.

At the waterfront looking East toward Monaco...  but this is all France in the distance.
Paradise for a little boy who loves to throw rocks....
There won't be as much to report each day for the next 10 days or so because Cozzie and I will be staying here in Nice while his parents go to Istanbul and do a concert Friday night.  I will update the blog quite often, however, to communicate how things are going for all of us.

We are all enjoying a couple of days when much of the tour pressure is removed and the pace is a bit more relaxed.  I am grateful that I can be here to help with Cozzie as it means so much to his parents to have him with them much of the time.  All for now.  It's time for bed in Nice, France.

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Marge B. said...

Continue enjoying your day to day journaling & seeing the sights in France. Thanks for allowing me to 'travel' with you.

Great pictures again. I love the one with Monaco in the back-drop. Too bad Cozzie's not facing the camera, but Jamie looks great!
The beach pebbles look like material many use here in their landscaping.

Glad you've 'enjoyed' your day, even though it didn't sound very relaxing with all the catch-up work you accomplished.

Will be praying for J&S's safe traveling & engagements, as well as your health, safety and ability to management being 'alone' in a big foreign city.

Looking forward to more pictures. Don't worry so much about an indepth account of your day, when time/strength doesn't allow.