Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Service at IBC in Nice, France & The Parents Get Back...

"When will that Choo Choo get here?  I'm so excited!!!"
The English service at the International Baptist Church in Nice, France met from 6:30 - 8 PM last evening.  Cozzie napped until about 5 PM and we headed to the tram 45 minutes later.  We waited for about 10 minutes for the next tram and Cozzie was getting excited as he looked longingly up the tracks.

Very happy to be on a Choo Choo...
We were able to talk to a young man standing beside us who spoke English.  I told him this would be my first tram ride and I wasn't sure where to put the ticket after I boarded.  He told me there was a machine for that and he would help me when we boarded.  He kindly showed me the machine and I figured out the rest.  Our ride was 7 stops and took about 20 minutes.  Cozzie smiled gleefully as he wiggled in his stroller on board.  The tram became quite crowded and he could see little from where he was parked.  People were loud, some argumentative and others friendly and kind.  One lady was so drawn to Cozzie and as she talked to him and me, she missed getting off at her stop but she said it didn't matter as she would just walk home a different way.

Two good buddies by the end of the service.
Young Mom who has only been living in Nice for 3 weeks.
We arrived at IBC about 6:20PM.  A very friendly father and teenaged son met us at the door with a warm welcome.  The son showed us through the church to where the children would be cared for during the service.  Before long, another little boy, also wearing a Monkey harness, and his parents arrived.  They were the ones who would be the children's caregivers that evening.  The other little boy was 17 months old and has moved to Nice, France from Denton, TX just 3 weeks ago.  This family is working as staff with the IBC.  The church is a mission of Denton Bible Church and several families from there are now living and working with the church in Nice. 

Feeling assured that Cozzie was in good hands, I went to the sanctuary for the service.  The songs were traditional songs which I recognized for the most part.  The Pastor's message was based on John 20: 1-18 and made the message of Resurrection very clear.  I was thankful to be sharing in an Easter service with about 75 other people who represented many countries.

We did not stay for the potluck meal afterward as I was afraid of it getting too late and dark as we headed to the tram and the hotel.

Sorry for the out of focus shot but it gives an idea of the congregation.
The tram return went smoothly though the cars were even more crowded than on our way to church. But Cozzie was happy and enjoyed watching all within his line of vision.
Trying to see everything...
Watching another little boy...
Cozzie woke up at 9:45 this morning.  We had a good time after breakfast getting ready for Papa and Mama to return.  He played with Papa's winter hat then had a bath.

Talking to the other child in the mirror...

But it was really nice to have Papa and Mama come home...
I'm convinced God helped open this parking spot below our hotel window for the van! 
 A short outing in the afternoon after a nap and before dinner.

Papa and Mama had a wonderful time in Istanbul. The concert was perhaps one of the best experiences Shara has had.  It was a sold out event - 400 people in the audience.  Everyone knew all the words to her songs and sang along as she performed.  Then they requested more numbers from previous albums and it was apparently a very satisfying experience for everyone - performers and audience. 

 A dear friend of theirs who lives in NYC but is a native son of Istanbul, came from the states to be with them for this show.  He then gave them his personal service as a guide to Istanbul.  This gave them such a wonderful experience there.  They had a great time though returned quite exhausted.  But it was a very sweet reunion with Cozzie when they walked into the hotel room as we were reading stories in preparation for nap-time.  Nap-time was delayed for awhile.

We have one more day in Nice and on Wednesday morning will leave early headed for Zurich, Switzerland.  I'll be taking you along for the next week with me as I have time and internet service.

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Marge B. said...

So glad everything went so smoothly on Easter Sunday...that the tram experience was successful and the church people so friendly and welcoming. Sounds like God provided for all your needs, keeping you safe and surrounding you with many helpful people.

And God has continued to watch over J&S, as well. I'm amazed (but not surprised) at the world-wide, adoring fans she has.
Now for some 'lower key' relaxing family time together.

Thanks for sharing your day and reunion.

Love, Marge