Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Evening in Basel, Switzerland...

A 4 hr nap and we're ready for a playground.  

While Cozzie slept for four hours this afternoon, I updated this blog with the story and photos from yesterday.

He awoke at 5 PM and it was time to explore Basel, Switzerland.

We didn't have far to go for a playground.  There was one in a courtyard across the street.  The venue for the show tonight was off that courtyard also so we easily were able to join the others for dinner there at 6 PM.

So we started on a slide, included some other playground structures and also stopped frequently as many Choo Choos passed on tracks very near us also.
This playground included a swing.

Dinner in the restaurant didn't last too long for Cozzie and me but we each ate most of a meal and then headed off to see the Rhein River which flows through Basel.  It was a lovely evening.  Hope you enjoy these photos.
This is a Merry-go-round which he shares with another little boy just a couple months younger.
Took this shy little girl quite some time to join Cozzie on this teeter-totter but finally...  Cozzie is very distracted by the Tram Choo Choos frequently passing by within eyeshot of the playground.

"I know who this is!"
We arrive at the entrance of the Venue in time for supper and find a poster of "Mama".
Sound check isn't quite over so we have some more playtime outside.
Papa is there to take some photos.
We're getting hungry...
But first, let's play the drums...
We can finish supper in a flash so off we go in the stroller to explore the promenade along the Rhein River.  The sun is setting and the area is immaculately clean - no graffiti or pet droppings.  Yeah!  Switzerland!

 It's nearly midnight so I'll wrap this up and head to bed.  The concert must be over but the others haven't yet returned to the hotel.

Tomorrow is a day off so we can "all" sleep in!  We will drive to Lausanne and have the next 2 nights there.  The next show is Saturday afternoon at 3 PM.

Basel is a lovely city.  The day has been cool, cloudy, sometimes gently raining but very welcoming and restful.  I could easily spend much more time here.

Switzerland is tugging at my heart as I knew it would.  It always does.

More tomorrow if time and internet permit.

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