Monday, April 2, 2012

Grand Grenoble, France Morning...

Capturing some of the beauty of the morning in Grenoble, France
Thought Cozzie would sleep past 8am today as he couldn't get to sleep until after 10 pm last night.  He might have slept longer but we were out of milk and he needed that. 

We arose, got ready, went to breakfast with Mama and then walked with her to the venue where she would teach her morning Master's class.

I spied a lovely open square nearby and headed to it to soak in some of its loveliness. 
 The gorgeous, sunny morning allowed us to see beyond the buildings to the mountains surrounding this city. 

We aren't sure what we're seeing but a Tourist Information Center sign led me to a place that had one flyer in English about Grenoble's city center.  I haven't read it yet.

The plantings in these spring beds have a soft, mostly pastel palette and seem so appropriate for Holy Week.
I'm looking at flowers and surroundings but Cozzie is hearing the rumbling of trains which he can't see.  So I'm being told "Choo Choo, Choo Choo, Choo Choo" so we finally take a last photo and head in the direction of the rumbles.

Capturing another Grenoble scene of splendor...
We found a spot where lots of city trains passed so we lingered on the walk safely beside the tracks and watched trains coming and going from all directions - a scene this lad never tires of experiencing so there were some tears as the stroller started up and headed off in a direction that would take us away from trains and back to the hotel.

Fortunately we found a store that sold milk near the hotel. 

 I found a great way to find an English speaking person when I need one.  I was standing by the shelves of milk and trying to decide which one was the best choice for Cozzie.  There were many choices.  I was in a store with natural food items.  So I was talking to Cozzie. 
"I wonder which one is the best for us to buy?" 
"I'm trying to read the label so I know which will be best for you." 

And a 20 something young man walked over to me and said
"Could I help you?  I speak English."
So my hero for the day had arrived and he was a big help.  I also asked him about a box that I was planning to buy which I had found in the baby food section and which I thought was instant baby cereal.  But he told me that wasn't what it was.  It was "wheat germ".  So all I bought was milk.

This nice young man was also at the check-out behind me so I said,
"Oh, good.  Now you can also help me with my money."  And he replied, "Look at the screen on the register, give them a big bill and take the change!"
 I laughed in agreement because I had already adopted that method anyway.  But my charge was only 3 Euros and  50 cents so I had that in change and kept my bills in another pocket.

We are at the hotel where Cozzie is taking a nap.  We have a late check-out at 2pm which is allowing Mama and Papa to have lunch at the venue with the class Shara taught this morning.  It is now nearly 1PM.  When the nap is over, we will get picked up and will head to Nice - probably finding a way to drive through the mountains. 

Papa drove Brian to Geneva, Switzerland this morning so he could get his flight home to NYC.  He seemed to escape the stomach bug all the rest of us shared though he said that one night he felt some churning of his tummy which didn't develop into anything significant but which may have been a touch of the bug. 

I think I'll post this blog even though I may have more photos and stories to add later today. 

I can always have a 2 blog post day once in awhile.

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