Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life in Nice, France Today...

This was the day that Cozzie's parents headed to Istanbul for the MBD concert which will be tomorrow night there.  They will also spend a couple days relaxing before they return to Nice next Monday.  They have arrived there safely and are looking forward to the weekend.

Cozzie loves his parents but also loves books and being read to so we were settled on the couch with his stack of books as they left so there was little protest to their departure.

After breakfast, Cozzie got to help wash dishes and then dish washing became play time in the soapy water and eventually it got to the pouring water out of the sink stage so we had to wrap things up a little before he was ready to be removed from the fun he was having.  But we have clean dishes and clean sink area and...

"But Grandma Lee, I'm helping you..."
The electric drill was back at work at the hotel and it was scary so we went for a walk to find Choo Choos...
Many trains pass this square so we stayed there awhile and watched...
It's the Garibaldi Square...
 After a nice long nap, we headed to the playground only a couple blocks away.
This little boy had been a little too friendly at first with an immediate big hug and kiss so... took Cozzie a few minutes to welcome his overtures of friendship.
Taking a different route back to the hotel, we discovered a crane at work.  This resulted in a lengthy stop to watch all this excitement.
This building was across the street from the crane - a lovely, common site around here.

Trying out the play things in front of the hotel...
"You've got to be quick with that camera, Grandma Lee.  I'm pretty quick getting off these things."
Our day alone in Nice has gone well.  Our little hotel "home" is comfortable and has everything we need.  We'll get a few things at a grocery store tomorrow as Cozzie loves strawberries - "a B, a B, a B" - and we're out of those.   And we must try more of the yogurt options available across the street at that huge supermarket.

We're remembering that this is Holy Week and Jesus said,
 "I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will have life even if he dies.  And he who lives and believes in me will never die."  John 11:25


Marge B. said...

Hi Lee,
It must be nice having such a good little helper in the kitchen. Hopefully he grows up not thinking those chores in the kitchen are only 'skirt work'.

Sounds like you've had a great day together. When is the drilling going to be over? Does the noise interfere with Cozzie's napping? Hopefully they will soon complete the work project.

I googled the 'Hipark Hotel'. It looks very nice (no pun intended!)& furnished in a modern decor. Do you have a little crib for Cozzie in the room? Do you have your own little 'balcony' off your room?

I also googled the 'Lou Tape Nissart' building shown in one of your pictures and found that it is a restaurant. I suppose you'll have a 'date' there with your little fella some evening!??

Glad to hear J&S arrived safely in Instabul and can enjoy some relaxing time together over the weekend-assured that their little guy is in good hands.


Linda Worden said...

Thanks for the comments you leave almost daily, Marge. No drilling today so I'm not certain if they're finished or what. We've never known what was going on. The drilling started yesterday before he was awake in the morning and he slept through that.
J&S travel with a portacrib which is immensely needed and important. We have used it every night and for all naps both in hotels or at the venues. He learned how to climb out on this trip but he mostly stays in it when he's supposed to sleep. He likes the space with his favorite stuffed puppy (woof woof), his binkie (which he can only have in bed or in the car seat) and his sippie cup of milk. We are all very grateful for the bed and I finally figured out how to collapse it.
I doubt we need worry about dish washing being considered "skirt work" in this family as James is often in the kitchen etc.
It would be fun to have a date with my little guy but it would need to last about 5 minutes or less and include lots of space for him to roam without causing any breakage. Those places only exist at a playground.
Maybe I'll return here someday with a different agenda for some time to have restaurant meals.
Right now I'm grateful for a place in our suite where we have a little refrig, toaster oven/microwave and sink plus dishes, pots and pans. Bought some strawberries at a fruit market we passed this morning.

All for now, Love, Lee