Friday, April 13, 2012

On to Lausanne, Switzerland...

Getting to watch the "diggers" during breakfast.
Our day started in Basel, Switzerland.  Cozzie and I had the hotel breakfast together and he was so excited because large street repair equipment was just inches from our window so he could watch "the guys" in action as he ate.

 There was not a show tonight so the others slept late.  Cozzie and I strolled along the Rhein in a different direction this morning from our stroll last evening, found another playground and by noon were in the play area across the street from our hotel.

By then the others were up so loading in began.   Cozzie was getting very ready for a nap by the time we left Basel about 1 PM.  He slept the whole way to Lausanne which took about 2 hours.

Will share some photos from our day.  It did not rain but it was hazy so we did not have spectacular views of mountain peaks as we had on our drive Wednesday.  Still a beautiful country.

 This little boy - as is quite typical - loves to play in rocks and sand.  He also enjoys digging and throwing those items.  So he had some fun this morning before leaving Basel.

We left Basel about 1 PM with a sleepy child who promptly fell asleep and napped the 2 hours it took us to drive to Lausanne, Switzerland.  We drove through a wide valley with terrain that reminded me much of Wisconsin.  Saw a number of cows plus farm fields planted with grain.  Orchards are in bloom and the countryside scenes took me back to my childhood roots. 

The closer we got to Lausanne, the more we began to climb, drive through tunnels and see snow capped mountains in the distance.  We did not have rain today but there was a cloudy haze which prevented us from having the spectacular sights we had on Wednesday. 

Lausanne is ringed by mountains and is built on high hills.  Streets are steep, narrow and winding.  Many buildings have elegant, old facades.  We did some exploring on foot so have a few photos of our first evening here.  We will have 2 nights in this city.
Papa found this playground near the place he parked the van.  He took us there, parked the van and we took a tram back to the hotel.
Close to the play scape I spied lovely flower beds.

The coolness of the altitude is the ideal condition for tulips and pansies.
Lovely groupings with complimentary shades...

Cloudy haze prevents us from viewing the mountain tops...
A clock within this slope of pansies...

Back to the playscape to find Papa and Mama helping Cozzie maneuver along the challenging levels...
3 slides at this playground...

And now for a fun tram ride back to the hotel...
Before dinner, we explored an area in which Shara remembered there was an interesting clock which had fun things happening on the hour.  We hoped for some action on the half hour but were disappointed so we waited until the hour.
At 7 PM we were treated to some creative characters who entertained us pleasantly.
 Hope the uploaded video clip works.
Example of elegant, old architecture in Lausanne...
Narrow, winding, climbing streets...
We are again thankful for safely in travel as we have been on the road so much in this past month.  I am still enjoying the passing scenes as we travel the highways connecting all the places Shara has had shows this past month.  

She will perform at 3PM tomorrow afternoon and the final show will be Sunday evening.

Cozzie and I are tucked into our hotel room and will get to be here for 2 nights before moving on Sunday.  We'll explore some more tomorrow and keep you informed through this blog.


John Worden said...

Certainly enjoying all the posts and especially pics of the beautiful Mrs. Linda Worden, photo-journalist extraordinarie and tireless Tour Granny. Cozzie is a charmer and you have so many good pictures of him. Hope you can burn the travelog to a CD or publish as a keepsake book for him. Glad there are a few days of downtime for family playtime in an otherwise intense concert schedule. Curious to know if any of the sights in Zurich, Basel, etc. look vagely familiar from our 1970 visit. Cool, overcast and threatening rain (YEAH!) here in the Texas Hill Country this Friday evening. Eager to welcome you home. JOHN

Marge B. said...

Yes, I echo John's comment. I look forward to checking this blog every day for your travel narration and scenic & family pictures. Never thought of it as a travelog....but so it is.
I will miss the daily adventure.

So grateful God's protective hand has covered you all and pray for continued safety to your journey's end.