Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday Afternoon & Easter Sunday in Nice, France...

Walked to the Riviera and enjoyed this view there.
Saturday afternoon's nap lasted nearly 3 hours so when Cozzie awoke, we headed to the playground.  We had a short stay there and headed off on a walk to explore more places we hadn't yet seen.

We were also hoping to find a place that sold tram tickets so that we'd be ready for Easter Sunday when we hope to visit the International Baptist Church in Nice which has an evening service in English.
This is the site across the street from the previous photo.  It has a narrow road that curves up to a Parc de la Colline du Chateau but it is very high with lots of steps to it so we stayed on the road where I could manage to push the stroller.
War Memorial ...

The wind at the edge of the water was whipping furiously...
I could barely push the stroller against the wind and we were being sprayed with salty sea water so we turned around to get out of the really strong wind.
Before reaching our hotel, we stopped to restock our strawberry supply so we could make it through the weekend with Constantine's current favorite fruit.
"I'm so ready for these B's..."
"Please, Grandma Lee.  I'm so hungry!"

"No more pictures.  Let's have a few with our supper!"
Cozzie ate a great supper with the several strawberries helping the meat and veggies be more appealing.  He played for awhile and went to bed about 9pm.  He slept until 8:15 am without needing any milk breaks during the night.

We went out this morning for a little while as we were still trying to find tickets for the tram.  We had been told they could be purchased at stores called Bar-Tabacs.  So we stopped at 3 different places with that name - they're on nearly every block - and none of the places had them for sale.  Those are the places that sell cigarettes (which MANY people smoke), alcoholic beverages and lottery tickets.

We also found a grocery store open and stopped to buy milk.  I asked the check-out man if he sold tram tickets and he said "No" but his English was quite good and he told me the tickets were available at each stop in an automated machine which took only coins.

So we went to a stop, found the machine and figured it out - enough to purchase 2 tickets.  We will be able to take a tram to church and get back home - hopefully.

I am really thankful that our outing was successful in finding tickets as I probably wouldn't venture out to church if I were going to walk the whole way late in the evening with my little charge.

So we returned to our hotel "home".  As we came into the lobby, we were "greeted" by a Woof Woof and that meant Cozzie would like to stop and be friendly if permitted.  I asked the lady holding the leash if he could pet the day and she said, "Yes!"  The dog was a jumper but that doesn't seem to bother Cozzie.  He held out his hand to the little girl in the dog's family and wanted her to pet the dog too which she did.
Friendly puppy greets Cozzie as we walk into the hotel on Easter morning.
Easter Sunday Dinner in Nice, France - quiche, apple crumble, fresh fruit and hot tea.
 We headed to our room with a couple other items we had purchased so that we would have a special Easter Sunday Dinner.  We have a toaster oven/microwave in our room kitchenette which heated the quiche perfectly and the apple crumble dessert.

Cozzie had some cereal and strawberries first but had some bites of the other things also.  It was all delicious and we feel just great about how our Easter is unfolding so far.

It's 4 PM and Cozzie is still napping.  I have been in email contact with the pastor of the International Baptist Church in Nice.  Their service begins at 6:30 PM so hopefully we'll take the tram and find our way there. According to the website, Pastor James Arnold was on the staff at Denton Bible Church for 19 years including the years that James and Shara were students at the Univ. of North Texas in Denton.  James often attended that church.

It's a sunny, warm, beautiful day here and all is well with us in Nice, France.  We had a short phone chat with Papa and Mama yesterday but that was not upsetting to Cozzie.  He talked about them after he heard their voices but he wasn't fussy.  They are enjoying Istanbul.  We'll see them tomorrow.

I have been very blessed today by The Daily Reflection written by Mark D. Roberts.  It is a strong reminder of how critical the Resurrection is to the Christian's reason to believe that Jesus is the living Son of God.  Without the resurrection, Jesus would be just like all other leaders of religions and there would be no reason for hope for our life after death.  If you have time, it is well worth reading.

This Easter is a wonderful occasion to rejoice in Jesus' victory over death. 

Alleluia, He is Risen!!!

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