Monday, July 29, 2013

Packing for Moldova 2013...

Generous folks at Trinity Baptist Church in Kerrville, TX, have been bringing things to a Moldova donations box over the past few months.  

Marjorie provided time and expertise in sorting and packing...
Little country between Romania and the Ukraine
Last Monday was the day set for a couple of team members to meet and pack those supplies which are the items we will take with us when we leave for Moldova this Friday, August 2nd.  There will be five of our eleven team members leaving from Kerrville.  Joining us will be a family of 3 from the Nashville, TN area, a gal from the Dallas, TX area and our oldest son and his second son will join us from Richmond, VA.  

Everyone gathered our last day there for a photo in front of the gazebo where we sing and meet as a large group.
These boys were the actors in 2006.
We are returning for the 9th trip since 2005.  Each year we have spent our time at the same camp where children from a boarding school will be staying in cabins.  We get to provide programming for them - Bible stories, crafts, recreation, puppets, drama, singing - having fun as we share ourselves and God's truth from scripture. 

Goofy guys from the year 2008.  Young man on the right in light blue is our oldest grandson. 
This year we will focus on the life of Joseph - noting the hardships he had in his family and employment and his response to those troubles - integrity, faithfulness, trustworthiness and forgiveness.  

Some terrific sport and school shoes have been provided.
We are packing some gently used shoes and clothes and will share those with the children.  Extra gifts of money have been provided so that we can purchase needed items in country also. 
Putting out the clothing during a past trip.
We are still wrapping up final preparations for the trip but we do it with joyful hearts knowing that soon we will be on our way.  Though we do not know what God has in store for us during this trip, we know that he will be with us.  We expect to get exhausted but that will be part of how we know God is beside us - we'll have energy for the opportunities he provides for us.  I speak with confidence because I have experienced that strength each year while making this trip. 
Supplies are packed for the 5 of us to check as we begin our journey on Friday morning.
God has provided the money we've each needed for the cost of the trip, all the supplies have been donated and 11 of us will join as a team when we all land in Moldova on Saturday afternoon.  

Translators we had in 2012 and many of them previously also.
We'll meet our translators on Sunday morning at church. Some of the children we've gotten to know and sponsor over the years will probably be there also.  I tingle with anticipation as I type - faces I've grown to love dearly will soon be within reach for a hug!
Two girls we sponsor...
Pray for us.  One of our team members is not feeling well so pray for her healing and stamina for the trip.

And pray that God will use us to glorify himself and enlarge his kingdom.  We want to be sowers and reapers if that would please him.  

I'll return to this blog frequently as we spend our days in Moldova if I have access to wifi.

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MaryDean said...

We are praying for safety and stamina for the team as you travel. Praying that all bags arrive in Moldova in good shape and when you do. Praying Psalm 139 over you all.