Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Day of Preparation for Departure...

On my last day of preparation for departure for our mission trip to Moldova, my morning devotional had me pray for the "unexpected".

Really?  I would want to pray for the "unexpected" today?

I shared these thoughts with people who are praying for me and our Moldova team:

Hello Friends,
It’s a beautiful morning in Kerrville, TX.  My husband and I had our bowls of oatmeal topped with the last of the blueberries from the refrigerator and there’s just enough sliced turkey for our noon lunch.  Our daughter is coming this evening with our supper!
As John and I shared today’s DAILY REFLECTION before returning to our packing preparation, we gave some rather sobering responses after we read the prayer included by Mark D. Roberts at the conclusion of that devotional passage. 

Here is the prayer: 
“Dear Lord, help me to see what you’re doing in this world so that I might get into your work. Keep me from complacency or, worse yet, boredom. Rather, may I be excited about the work of your kingdom, and may I get involved with you.  O Lord, do in my life that which is unexpected! Stir me up, Lord, so that I might serve you with enthusiasm and commitment. Amen.”

O.K.  We had no problem with the prayer until we got to the line,  

“O Lord, do in my life that which is unexpected!” 

Inside I was screaming, “No, I’m not sure I want ‘unexpected’”.  I want safe, routine, easy, pleasant, neat...  

I had “unexpected” yesterday – 2 hours with a tire losing air on our car and in which a nail was found. 

 I had “unexpected” on Tuesday when a team member had to cancel the trip.  

But then I remembered some “unexpected” things from past trips to Moldova.  

Meeting Gloria, a University student from Shanghai, China, who unexpectedly said to me in a conversation, “I’m not a Christian, but I WANT to be one but nobody has ever told me how!”  I told her how and she is growing in that relationship today that started in Moldova.  

An older lady in a village where we were distributing food with a Pastor, was also ready to begin her personal relationship with the Savior. The Pastor asked me to lead her in her first prayer of repentance.

The “unexpected” can be a very welcome thing.  I admit some fear in praying for that, but also look forward to ways in which God will be honored and glorified if I embrace whatever comes from his hand in the “unexpected” category.

May I be open as I chose to pray the ending of that devotional prayer:

“O Lord, do in my life that which is unexpected! Stir me up, Lord, so that I might serve you with enthusiasm and commitment. Amen.”

Thanks for your prayers as we pour our time and energy into the final packing today and as we head to the airport early tomorrow morning.
With God, the “unexpected” is opportunity to be salt and light,
Linda L. Worden

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