Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday... Walking Through Kyve...

We have walked what seems to be miles and miles as we explored Kiev - which is spelled Kyve in Ukrainian - today.  It has all been immensely interesting.  This city is quite lovely in the parts we have explored.  Weather has been wonderful so we are enjoying outside walking and inside observing.  I will share some of the photos I took today.  The first monastery we toured did not allow photos inside the buildings or on their grounds.  My photos from that place were taken before we entered the grounds.  It was a beautiful place.  There was near total loss of one church during WWII but that has been restored and is in use daily.  Other buildings on the property escaped destruction during the war.
Bell Tower at the Monastery of the Caves.

Entire area which includes underground caves where Monks lived and worked.
View from the grounds of this property.

 In order to get to our next stop, we took the Metro and got off where the 2nd longest escalator in the world is.  We rode it up on our way to our next destination was and rode it back down after our visit.
View of the rear of the oldest entrance into the city.  Above photo is view from the front of that entrance.
Statue of famous hedgehog - from Russian folktale.

Arriving at St. Sophia's Monastery...

Bell Tower at St. Sophia's
St. Sophia's
Independence Square
Our day is ending back at our friend's apartment.  We stopped for water and a few items and I took a few photos of some of the apartment buildings in the area.  We are on the 6th floor with a satellite dish on the outside.

More exploring tomorrow.  Time for sleep right now.


Marge said...

Sounds like you got your exercise, with all the walking you did! Thank goodness for the wonderful weather you've been experiencing.

Such beautiful architecture! I'm wondering if the Bell Towers are used & functioning. It would be a treat to hear the bells ringing.

Thanks for sharing your fun filled day.
Love, Marge

Anonymous said...

Amazing architecture! What a beautiful city. Your blog lets the rest of experience it too.
Thanks, Linda!